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There are a few Sweet Tea vodkas on the market, like Firefly, Jeremiah Weed and Sweet Carolina (which also comes in other tea flavors like mint, raspberry and peach). Sweet Tea Vodka is gaining a lot of popularity, especially in the Southern States.

Very soon we will have recipes, reviews, calorie content, pictures, and more. SweetTeaVodka.com will be the site for those who drink sweet tea vodka to share pictures, reviews, events, and more. Keep checking back. Here some comments I found on other sites:

Soon after Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka hit the shelves in April 2008, Sweet Carolina sweet-tea flavored vodka, from Maine, followed. Then Burnett's vodka launched a sweet-tea vodka, and others.

Last February, Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, based in Connecticut, stormed the market, backed by international liquor giant Diageo, parent company of Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan, Cuervo, and many others.

I have to say the cheap side of me won the debate between Firefly and Jeremiah Weed. Jeremiah Weed tasted good and was less expensive !

No matter how you mix it, this was absolutely delicious and refreshing and I think I like vodka now-at least this kind.

I can't believe how good this tastes, many of my buddies just drink it on ice!

We call that Firefly tea-and-lemonade beverage the John Daly, named after the golfer who has made plenty of headlines for his drinking habits.

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